A meal without wine is like a day without the sun.

We must apologize in advance to all who are not exactly crazy about wine, but this story is devoted to wine-lovers.

We have fulfilled all the conditions as a wine region, surrounded by the Danube and Fruška Gora, every bottle of our wine is full, and we invite you to drink wine with us to stay young.

Okay, we got a little emotional after another glass of wine, but let’s go back to what we are here for. In short – we love to eat and drink well, and we decided to share our philosophy with you. Let us assume that the Sun means life, and the grapes depend on the Sun, Heaven, and Earth, as well as the human being, which leads us to the conclusion that man is also dependent on grapes, namely wine. As we have created this life scenario for ourselves, we have been doing our best to enjoy life completely. The phenomenon of a man as a social being is that he loves to socialize, and this can not happen without good food and wine. Since we have made it clear that the Sun is always shining upon us, it should be clear what comes next. Confused?

We have a solution! If you are addicted to great national food with excellent wines from Vojvodina and Serbia, we are here for you and we will try our best to see you again. We like to say that we can awake all of the senses, so we often prepare our own musical menu, which also pairs best with wine. So, if you want to check where the summers are fresh and cool and where the winters are warm and cozy…

A meal without wine is like a day without the sun, with no smiles and warm hugs, and without great memories. We will try to tell you every story that the wine has been telling for generations. Not long ago, stories were told in the wine cellars of each house. It was unimaginable to live in the vineyard of Vojvodina and have no basement and great neighbors to share these stories with. Stories about riding the horses and impressing the girls, which grew to become some of the urban legends of our childhood. Today, we decided to tell our own wine stories so they can continue to live on.