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The spring of 2014 was predicted to be one of the warmest in recent history, and everyone had only one thought: How to quickly escape the city heat without taking a car to Fruška Gora, because there's always one to many cyclist driving in the middle of the road or a truck convoy impossible to bypass, making any wish you had for a peaceful picnic in the nature quickly go away.As usual, they met in the Pub's guaranteed shade, sharing their plans for the summer. Someone said: Wouldn't it be great if we could take back the sea to us where it once belonged? After third round of drinks, they started a serious discussion about the Pannonian Sea, summer vacation in the great Vojvodina plain and having everything you need close by. They decided to have everything: A peaceful and quiet spot on a Danube and a perfect view on the Fruška Gora, without having to worry who's driving back after a few drinks.As luck would have it, this discussion didn't end there. They continued the next day, with a concept of a restaurant slowly coming together. The adrenaline was high, the ideas were thrown around, they knew the game was on! They knew the victory was guaranteed! Guided not only by their sportsmanship spirit from the times they were playing hockey, but also by their love of entertainment and hospitality and the standards they have already set in their earlier endeavors. Combined with creative passion and desire, the dreams were slowly finding their way to realization. The doors started to open and with no obstacles on the way, the magic started pouring in. First in the form of a perfect spot on the Danube with a cozy house wrapped in greenery. There was nothing else to be said but...

And ... YES! We said YES! The three main conductors spin their magic wands and the magic dust flowed through the air - Because miracles are for every day!I also fell in love on the first glance, and my wings grew at the same moment. We dreamed together with our mouths opened wide and our eyes looking ten years into the future. Each and every one of us got their own part to create, their own chance to fly.I saw clearly where the summer can cool off, and I rolled up my sleeves. When the soul was being embedded into Piknik, the rest of the team fell in love, and one by one, their hearts started beating faster - Because miracles are for every day!It was difficult at times, there were obstacles, there were nights spent on the job, but the ideas were there, just hanging in the air, waiting to be taken. The driving force behind everything being only one thing: Love.
Tekst: Dejana Crveni - PR manager


When we decided to call a contest for the staff of Piknik Restaurant next to all the serious items that should contain a serious job interview:
* professionalism
* responsibility
* knowledge of languages
* communicativeness
* precision and regularity
* flexibility
* blah blah blah
We also inserted items:
* Spiritual and charming
* charismatic and resourceful
We decided to fall in love with us, to be comfortable at the level of the living room. When choosing staff, we carefully took care of this. Keep in mind that each of them has completed a small course of psychology by doing their job and being there to anticipate and fulfill each of your wishes


Absolutely true, everlasting and overwhelming! Hooray for love at first sight!
The sincere childish love that burns within us from the times we formed our personalities, the one that keeps us true to ourselves and away from all constraints.
We've built tons of love into our foundations and walls so they can melt your soul at the first glance. We made sure that smiles and kindness are integral parts of our uniforms, while the high standard of hospitality remains our middle name. Our speed and coordination are proofs of a good service, and the food we make and serve with love is painted in the colors of great Vojvodina plain.

We always say "Welcome" and "Goodbye", and take pride in our old-school manners. Your table is always neat and clean, the food is nicely arranged, the wine is perfectly chilled, and the tasteful music is gently touching your heart. We often prepare small presents for you to remember us by. Professionalism is never separated from the good energy, good vibrations, and feedback - good or less good, professionalism is an integral part of progress. Professionalism is a system, but to grow and keep growing, it must be watered, nourished and cared for. We decided not to leave it alone to rule, we tamed it with respect

The devil is in the details

Special love for the details was fitted with Dejana, the spiritual godmother of Piknik, who tried every day to keep everything in it's place. From the decorating of the beautiful Danube garden to details such as light bulbs. The slogan is her child and we hold him firmly. Small things make us happy, sometimes it's a smile or a hug, sometimes a smacky print of wine or the funny name of the dishes. There is no price for a nice gesture or detail. Many forget it, but we will never.


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