kid ice cream ice box


Have you ever been stuck in an everlasting parental dilemma with the questions: How to take your children to the restaurant? How to avoid chasing them between tables? How to have lunch and not end up crying? What to do when the sirens go off and everyone starts staring at you. You immediately wish you didn’t get out of bed at all or that it would’ve been smarter if you went to your parents’ house for lunch.

We decided to make things easy for you and made a kid-friendly restaurant where you can be completely relaxed because children have their own safe corner for fun and laughter. You can have a drink in the café right next to the restaurant while your child is playing with some new friends at the playground. You can choose where to sit – deck chairs, regular chairs or comfortable and soft sponges. Paradise for parents after lunch, anyone? And that’s not all: At weekends you can take a ride on our pony under expert supervision, and every day you can take a selfie with our donkey, pony or goat.

Sunday is a day for performances on our stage with a real theater (if the rain does not ruin it for us). This is why we ask our little guests to make a deal with rain on Saturday evening before falling asleep. We also thought of something else, and it is very important to us – we listen to our children, devote our time to them, and play with them as far away as possible from the cell phones, tablets, and television. From time to time, we bring an animator who will each time organize a different entertainment for your child. And as long you enjoy yourself, we are happy seeing you smile, chasing the pony, or even jumping in and helping our animator with the entertainment and becoming a kid again, without a care in the world.

We are here to nourish and keep your family together with you. We are here to nurture the future guests of our restaurant, who will always carry a few great memories of their childhood in their hearts. We hope to be here to welcome them again when they come with their own friends and family because the childhood pictures that our soul remembers have the highest value.