Buy locally, grow globally

Let’s talk about one of our journeys. Just like each one we go to, this one is also far from what we planned, full of learning, courage, happiness, joy, unforgettable moments and memories. We like to go out and read the pages of some other books, but in the end, we always come back to ourselves, at the very beginning, but this time with rich experience in our pockets.

We sincerely love our town and country, and we are trying our best to save every look, heartbeat, and memory of our ancestors. We are not alone – everybody loves this, and as a result of our many trips, we now have a proven equation. Love yourself in the first place, so that everything you do and carry in your soul, you can share with others and infect them with your passion for food and drink, good music, and nature.

So, we went back to ourselves, we decided to pack our locality in the current trend while keeping our soul and unity. We have firmly decided to support a small manufacturer. By purchasing homemade goods, while taking into account the quality and the freshness, we have returned all the wonderful things that our country has given us. In short, on our menu and wine list, you will find products from every part of Vojvodina and Serbia.

That is why when you come to us, you can still smell sherbet, cinnamon, apples, wine, or a bowl of homemade “yellow” soup or good old-fashioned veal soup, traditionally used to cure hangovers. Fruška Gora and Serbia can be found in every glass of our wine. We remember and keep our traditions because we know their value and that we can stand proudly among the best in the world.

So buy locally to be a part of a healthy global market that cannot be ignored. And travel as much as you can, but always return from where you started – to yours and yourself.